David Cloutman • Full Stack
Python • JavaScript • TypeScript • SQL • PHP • HTML • CSS • Full Stack Web Programmer

Professional Software Developer

I am a full stack web application developer living in San Francisco, CA. I specialize in using open source tools, such as Python, to create applications that run on the World Wide Web (WWW), which is to say that it runs in a web browser. I do full stack development, which means that I can build a complete web application, including the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript components that run in the web browser, as well as design the database, which can be done with SQL based relational databases such as MySQL or NoSQL solutions such as MongoDB or Redis. I have been at this professionally, since 2000, though I built my first website in 1995.

Below are some links to pages that might be of interest if you are looking to engage me professionally:

Professionally, in my spare time, I have been working on a command-line utility for generating cryptographically secure random strings in Python called randomstr

I am currently available for new professional opportunities.

Hobbies and Fun Stuff

The Princess, the Dragon, and the Wood Chipper e-book.

I enjoy writing and making music with bass, guitar, and synthesizers. My writing is often surreal, and my music is often cacophonous.

The Princess, The Dragon, and The Wood Chipper E-Book

I recently publish an e-book called The Princess, The Dragon, and the Wood Chipper that is a satirical take on fairy tales, with some humerous contemporary commentary lightly intimated. The e-book can be purchased from the following platforms:

A follow-up work with a fantasy western theme is currently being written.

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